General Marking Australia


General Marking Australia is a electrical wholesaler located in Brisbane which distributes cable and wire marking labels, printers and accessories to clients in the electrical and manufacturing industries.

The original General Marking Australia website was several years old. It was developed at a time when many organisations threw together a basic site, and then forgot about it. But in today's climate where consumer expectations are higher than ever, organisations need to be much more attentive to their customers' constantly evolving needs. So when General Marking Australia needed a face-lift and a 240 volt shock into the world of modern website design, I was right there with them to orchestrate an innovative digital strategy and plan of attack.

What they needed:

  • Complete design overhaul and rebranding

  • Replatform to a shopping cart
  • On-page SEO
  • Email newsletter campaign strategy

Using UX data to build a foundation

Research is a huge component of everything I do. With access to a range of analytic tools and techniques that helped determine everything from SEO keyword competition, to optimal conversion paths for customers, to avoiding detrimental linking strategies and everything in between. My extensive research into what competitors were doing created a solid foundation to design a website that would be great for both users and search engines.

I took a mobile-first approach, as many of the General Marking clients are on the go, and if they are not ordering online, they are quickly searching for the sales phone number. The design included a collapsible main navigation when using a smartphone with the sales number displayed on the top rail. I chose Shopify for it's incredibly easy too use mobile phone app for updating products on the go.

The outcome. National reach and non-digital natives ordering online

Johan and the team at General Marking Australia are extremely pleased with the outcome. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find their name on the first page of search results for any of their cable and wire products in Australia. Furthermore, long-term clients who always ordered over the phone, have now converted to online ordering allowing them to buy where and when they want. The fulfilment team is much happier with a streamlined and more effective system.