A world class website in less than a day? We sure love a challenge.


When Sydney’s Rangoli Festival of Food called late on a Friday afternoon to ask for help to get a new website up and running in less than a day there was no hesitation. We grabbed the bull by the horns and got to work. We thrive on challenges like this.

Rangoli is Sydney’s newest and arguably most delicious Indian restaurant located in the Sydney’s CBD on York Street.

How Rangoli got to the point where their newly-built website couldn’t be accessed and with no admin control to their domain is a story for another day. Nevertheless, there was no doubt in our mind that we could meet the deadline and provide an even better solution than they imagined.

The decision about where to host the website was easy. Squarespace. For restaurants, Squarespace provides one of the best options especially with their fabulous menu block. And with less than a day to go live, we didn’t want to be spending time on installing plugins, and configuring CPanel. Spinning up a new website with Squarespace is so easy.


And it was music to our ears when Rangoli said the domain rangolisydney.com.au was hosted by GoDaddy.

A quick call from the restaurant owner to GoDaddy had them back in control of their domain in less than 30 minutes (yay for GoDaddy support!). Next all they had to do was delegate administration access to us resulting in a huge win and knocking down what was probably the biggest potential barrier to getting this website live.

Connecting domains to Squarespace through GoDaddy is so easy with the one-click connection when you’re signed into both accounts.

Rangoli’s menus were only available as JPEGs so we used an online image-to-text tool to strip out the content. Whilst not 100% foolproof, this OCR-type tool saves hours of typing

For best SEO we recommend menus are published as web pages. Sometimes it’s hard to convince clients to go down this path especially if they’ve spent thousands of dollars getting the menus nicely designed PDFs or JPEGs. But Rangoli chose the right option - web-based menus which are not only great for SEO but both your regular and prospective clients will love you for it. (No more pinching screens in and out to read small text!)

Some quick editing of the errors generated from the automatically detected text saved potentially embarrassing spelling (who ever heard of noon bread!).


Responsive on mobile devices

Custom CSS

Fat footer

Clear calls to action

Secured by SSL

GoDaddy Domain Hosting

Squarespace website hosting

We gleaned some of the deliciously enticing imagery off their Facebook page to add some colour to the homepage, added a nice hero-image, as a banner and included an with immediate call-to-action button that linked The Fork where clients could do online reservations.

After a bit of tweaking with some custom CSS to give some of the headings more punch the website was done. And in record time.

Whilst there is more to do with SEO, Google Search console, Google Business Listing, additional pages and imagery, proving Rangoli with a world class presence quickly was the goal, saving the business from potential reputation damage and a poor customer experience.

Have you got a challenge for us?

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Pat Birgan