Pauline Leslie - Clinical Hypnotherapist Website Design and Strategy Case Study



Some businesses in the therapy sector use imagery and copy throughout their digital assets which depict the problem that the clients face, rather than what their lives can look like after undergoing therapy.

Visualising the end result for clients, not focusing on the problem

After discussing this with Pauline Leslie, we agreed that our approach would be to focus on the future. Focus on what lifestyle the client would begin to enjoy when they overcome their challenges. would therefore not show ashtrays filled with dirty cigarette butts, nor tape measures and scales with stock images of large tummies. Instead, we would depict Pauline's services with vivid colours and imagery of healthy food and fitness equipment. 

Google Search Results

Pauline has positioned herself as one of the leading practitioners of Rapid Transformational Therapy in Australia. When analysing her existing website she did not appear until page 10 for the term “rtt sydney” despite some relevant keyword placement on her homepage for RTT in Sydney. Even then, that SERP was for a UK website which lists RTT practitioners in Australia. 

Just 12 hours after going live, Pauline made a dramatic rise in rankings appearing on page one at positions 2, 3 and 4. This came as a result of careful and meticulous keyword planning, title naming and other SEO practices.

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