Sydney Sidecar


Robin, Pedro, Chewbacca and Gromit. What do these iconic identities from film and TV have in common? They were all great sidekicks, but could also easily hold their own. Well, when I decided to launch my own sidekick, who better to build a website and online bookings. Staart Digital of course. 

Sydney Sidecar was born out of my passion for meeting people from around the world and my love for getting out and about in Sydney in my retro-style Russian sidecar.

What I needed:

  • Website design
  • Vivid imagery
  • Iconic retro-style logo

  • Dramatic Drone Video
  • Online Booking
  • Trip Advisor
  • Aibnb Experiences

Competitor analysis

It was important to know what was happening at home and abroad so I researched competitors in Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney. 

Booking system 

Acuity, Checkfront, or Rezdy? User experience won out in the end. I had a great seamless experience booking Banana Electric Bike Tours in Sydney using Checkfront at that was the clincher.

Compliment the retro look.